Hi! My name is Chelsea Aycock and I am a Louisiana based photographer. Obviously you have clicked on my page because you love my work, there is an important event happening, or you just want to see who I am. Well, I got into photography because I was a momma who had a camera and everyone liked my pictures I would post of my daughter, so sure why not charge a little few to take some of my family and friends?! Then, I really wanted to learn more about it, all the ends and outs, everything my camera did, and the business aspect behind it all. SOOO, here I am, SAHM, pursuing what was a hobby into a small business career. 

 Over the past year, I have really found my interests in photography. I have decided that weddings and newborns are just NOT for me :) Although, I could just cuddle a sweet baby all day and attend every wedding possible because lets face it, who can turn down delicious food and cake?! 

Seniors, maternity, and families are my main focus in 2017. I love the candid moments when little brother makes a silly comment and everyone starts laughing, including myself, because kids seriously say the darnest things. I also love the serious senior or beautiful posed mommy-to-be looking so graceful for the next chapter in their lives. 

 I have recently switched to offering prints as well which will be a little different than what I offered last year. So bare with me, as this journey will be new to me as well! Thanks so much for checking out my page and I look forward to speaking with you :)